TAILIEUCHUNG - Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P54

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P54:Essbase is a multidimensional database management system. The name Essbase stands for Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE. Using the custom add-in provides the end-user with near seamless compatibility in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. | Getting the most out of the Microsoft Excel Add-in Also if you perform a retrieve on an empty worksheet Essbase will do a generic retrieve that brings in all of the high level database dimensions and drops them on the Microsoft Excel worksheet as shown in the following screenshot . You can now take this generic retrieve and by performing various Essbase spreadsheet functions like the Zoom In or the Pivot you will have yourself a fine looking report in no time. Quite possibly the Retrieve add-in function will be the Essbase function you use most often. When you click Essbase Retrieve Essbase will populate the active Microsoft Excel worksheet with data fresh from the database. Many times there will be data loads or database calculations occurring throughout the day and you will always want to make sure you are looking at the latest and greatest version of the data. A simple Essbase Retrieve takes care of it for you. Setting the add-in spreadsheet options Here is a vital piece of the Essbase add-in. Setting the Essbase add-in options correctly can dramatically affect how you and the add-in perform. The options screen contains four tabs containing user settable options that affect the add-in s behavior at the individual worksheet level and also global options which affect the add-in s behavior at the Microsoft Excel level. Access these screens by clicking Essbase Options. 250 Download at Chapter 7 As shown in the previous screenshot the Essbase Options screen on the Display tab contains settings that affect how Essbase will display your data. The settings on this tab are sheet level settings and only affect the Microsoft Excel worksheet that was active when the options screen was opened and the settings applied. You can select a different sheet in the workbook and set different options for it. Display tab The first group of available options is the Indentation setting. The Indentation setting is a row heading setting and only affects how the row members .

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