TAILIEUCHUNG - Hotel Design - Trang trí khách sạn - Phần 35

Tham khảo tài liệu 'hotel design - trang trí khách sạn - phần 35', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, điêu khắc - hội họa phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Simplicity is an ideal hospitality solution for your property. Providing advanced and sustainable television and lighting solutions. Phips ha mote than M years n the hospitaity industry provtdng flexible solutions des sped to make your property run smoother your ovn T-x - aw. yow guests happen your property greener With advanced rieetrorves and ightng sokz-ons designed specifxally far the hospitality market Phiips commcrba televisions featur the test green LCD technologies and provide MPEG-4. fra Wornrw VTiack forensic watcirrarkng techno SmooveTV .a un ouc premium pjy-teeva-on KVjtyface. Phlps innovative ightng sotoote nebde advanced CFL LED. CMCt anc hiogen ightng that hep you upgpde to environmentally fhcndly limiting ana meet LEED . A world leader n sustanab ty. Ph ps r tc Tpcrates enwomcntaly sound prnepes nto our products as we as our busnesi practices. Learn more. Call or visit hospitality. PHILIPS sense and simplicity IKZEWO 3 The Luxury of Light The Bentley Collection- by Majestic Mirror ihe Imperial truly stands above and apart as its Wenge frame provides a solid foundation upon v hich its Onyx inlay can glow brightly for all ro envy and admire Available in custom size and finishes S ze as shown 31. X 4 . inches OMm - .ih l cafc WahSiu Majestit MAJESTIC MIRROR AT EVERY LEVEL Majestic Mltror has gone green from the top to the bottom. Whether it s the dedication of CEO Alan Mandel workng in the great outdoors of Colorado gaining our ISO-14001 certification or becomng a memtier ot 1he U S. Green Building Council Majestic Mrror is serious about improving the environment. Everyday we strive to use yean materials in all of our building and manufacturing processes

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