TAILIEUCHUNG - Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P52

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P52:Essbase is a multidimensional database management system. The name Essbase stands for Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE. Using the custom add-in provides the end-user with near seamless compatibility in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. | Using your Essbase Cube Cubeview In the Cubeview you are provided with a Tool bar which allows you to drill-down retrieve data and have an HTML view of data. The following is an example of the tool bar. For an explanation of each button available to you simply hover over the button with the mouse. When the member selection button is clicked the standard member selection screen will be displayed as shown in the following screenshot In the Member Selection screen shown above you can see that all of the members are in the usual tree format. You also have the ability to Find. the members and also to see the Member Info. for a selected member. There are options for you to Select All of the members at one time and to Add specific members to your selection rules. Using Member Info. you will get the dimension name of the member the Generation number and Level number of the selected member and you can also see the Member Formula if any. You can also view the member names by alias by checking the Use Aliases checkbox. 240 Download at Chapter 6 When you click the Preferences button you open the Preferences screen. In the Preferences screen shown below you can set the preferences for the current cube view. You can set up the number of Undo steps and also format the Member cells and Data cells by clicking on the Format Cells tab. The Format Cells checkbox is checked by default. Properties Selecting this tab in the Cubeview screen allows you to set up the data formatting properties for the current cube view grid. These properties are only applicable to the current session and cannot be saved. Some of the properties that can be set are as follows Drill level When you perform a drill-down on the data you can choose whether you want to do a drill-down to the Next level Bottom level or Sibling Level. By default the drill level is set to Next level. You can choose to Suppress Zeros Suppress Missing and Suppress Underscores from being displayed in your report. Selecting .

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