TAILIEUCHUNG - Hotel Design - Trang trí khách sạn - Phần 32

Tham khảo tài liệu 'hotel design - trang trí khách sạn - phần 32', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, điêu khắc - hội họa phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | hotelworld awards Submissions due October 31 CALL FOR ENTRIES Announcing the second hotelworld GLOBAL HOSPITALITY DESIGN AWARDS Los Vegos March 3 2009 Brough to you by Hotel Design DESIGN PROJECTS THAT SHOULD BE ENTERED Any hotel desgn nr eject ccrrpieted after uy . Otter wl fee dsquaifiad No pretests that were sucmttec fa I loWWorc Goto ttxspilaity Design 2038 wl bo ccnsccrcc. DESIGN AWARD CATEGORIES Best guestroom desgn in luxury. fel-sen-ce tod mted-servea segments Best lobb oAto space desgn n b uy fel-scrvcc tod mted-servoe segments Eestrestatrtot teungectesgnin bxirytodfii setose segments Bost suslanabb design Best 4 cteogn Design of the year Ffe ia vat u at w Avtotekvatarpc coTi a a compete 1 1 ol hwpiUty awd catoiprios ENTRY FEES An entry fee c S100 pa stixrissicn wil to rvqu-od There is np Irrit on the nimcer o entries that can be submtted to toy award Mutipe entres t-cm the san-e source can combne pir rre to-entry nto cne chec-t o- ciedt cad payment. JUDGING Each entry wl to read by rruOpe judges horn tto edtorti stahs at Hon 3 Afofa AfetopernGnt Hoto Design end uw v Ho eier magaznes. Ent-res Jso wl do pdged by tto l ioteh toWGoto ltepiWty Design Awvrd AKfcng oato sorriest ng d q to too toeptaty and design eo ts. AWARD NOMINEES Nomnees wl to ncofted n to-uary tod vdl to nvited to attend tto award ca ro totei n Las .fegas March 3 as a special guest ot the HoteMfodd Goto rfcepitaity Design Award teem. AWARD WINNERS Rnal wfnrers at the awards arno-noec al tto award ceremony Wl be featu-ed n special issues cf -tetelfi Motet Management Hotel Dasign tod 1 uxu-y Hcfektr rnagazhes drpclty fekwrrj tto stow. The wimng award ent- data Is and photo sutmsscto wil be ttghtg -ied n each puWcatten dong wth editor tel coverage tout the event ENTRY DETAILS frac tt siitrrrtk rt r- trtrlufrr Each suomssicn stoxid indude a maximum 2-page typed decofXon d t to protect ndueng the property nans dates d ccnsi-vctm whether tto project was a to v ccostrucicn

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