TAILIEUCHUNG - Study of an Infant's Nose

Tài liệu tham khảo chuyên nghành hội hoạ, mỹ thuật, giúp các bạn có những kiến thức từ có bản đến chuyên sâu - Study of an Infant's Nose | Brenda Hoddinott Z-04 ADVANCED DRAWING ON THE MASTERS The more I research the primitive drawing materials of medieval artists the more I sit in total awe and admiration of their drawings. This pen and ink project focuses on rendering the forms of an infant s nose with the classical drawing techniques of contour crosshatching and chiaroscuro. White gouache is applied over a darker value the cream colored paper to create the highlights sepia colored ink produces the middle values and dark brown ink creates the darkest values. This lesson is divided into the following three sections CHIAROSCURO IN RENAISSANCE DRAWINGS Chiaroscuro was introduced during the Renaissance and as demonstrated in two drawings by Leonardo da Vinci was highly effective for creating an illusion of depth and space. DRAWING PAPER PENS AND MEDIA I begin by discussing the medieval drawing materials that would have most likely been used in the rendering of this type of drawing during the fifteenth century. I then list the contemporary supplies I used to reproduce the medieval drawing style. DRAWING WITH CHIAROSCURO As you follow along with step-by-step instructions your primary goal is to get a feel for working with pen and ink while incorporating contour crosshatching techniques. Suggested drawing supplies include 100 cotton paper nibs and holders black and burnt sienna inks white gouache paintbrush and a few deep containers to hold water and mixed ink colors. This lesson is recommended for artists with strong drawing skills as well as home schooling academic and recreational fine art educators of advanced students. 7 PAGES - 9 ILLUSTRATIONS Published by Hoddinott Fine Art Publishers Halifax NS Canada - 2006 2 CHIAROSCURO IN RENAISSANCE DRAWINGS In simple terms and specific to drawing Chiaroscuro refers to the technique of balancing contrasts of light and dark values so as to create the illusion of a three dimensional reality on a flat surface. The drawing process often employs a method of applying

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