Tài liệu tham khảo chuyên nghành hội hoạ, mỹ thuật, giúp các bạn có những kiến thức từ có bản đến chuyên sâu - Wobby | Brenda Hoddinott Y-02 ADVANCED CREATING IN COLOR Drawing an adorable puppy with colored pencils illustrates how to shade textures and forms with a focus on identifying and rendering the light and shadow areas of diverse colors. CONTENTS Suggested drawing Skills Glossary of art terms Part One Planning and Lesson Y-02-1 Setting up your format and Lesson Y-02-2 Outlining Wobby with help from a Part Two Adding Wobby s Lesson Y-02-3 Mapping dark blue Lesson Y-02-4 Hatching middle values of blue Lesson Y-02-5 Hatching light blue Lesson Y-02-6 Hatching yellow Part Three Shading Eyes and Lesson Y-02-7 Drawing compelling dog Lesson Y-02-8 Shading Wobby s shiny Part Four Shading a Lesson Y-02-9 Setting up for Lesson Y-02-10 Shading rainbow Part Five Adding Final Lesson Y-02-11 Grounding Wobby with a cast Lesson Y-02-12 Finishing the drawing of 28 PAGES - 24 ILLUSTRATIONS Recommended for artists with advanced drawing skills as well as home schooling academic and recreational fine art educators Published by Hoddinott Fine Art Publishers Halifax NS Canada 2004 - 2 - INTRODUCTION Wobby is painted with colored pencils using primary and secondary colors. Because his face looked so sad in my preliminary sketch I chose to use mostly blue for his fur. To keep the drawing bright I used other primary colors for this puppy yellow for the insides of his ears and the under pads of his paws and red almost pink for his nose. I chose stripes of both primary and secondary colors for his rainbow ribbon bow . SKILLS PRESENTED 1. Adding shading with graduated hatching values 2. Blending colors with burnishing 3. Sketching within a simple grid 4. Planning shading strategies 5. Illustrating various textures 6. Drawing the forms of a cartoon body 7. Identifying and shading light shadows and cast shadows .

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