TAILIEUCHUNG - Test your english vocabulary in use - pre-intermedia & intermedia

Test your english vocabulary in use is designed to help students assess their vocabulary learning. It can be used independently as a testiing book, or by learners who are using english vocabulary in use and want to assess their progress. This book can help readers understand better grammar and writing correct English grammar | Test English Vocabulary in Use pre-intermediate intermediate Stuart Redman Ruth Gairns Cambridge UNIVERSITY PRESS Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Prefixes Noun suffixes Adjective suffixes Nouns verbs and adjectives with the same form Compound nouns Compound adjectives Learning Tests 1-3 Learning and recording vocabulary Test 4 English language words Test 5 Problems with pronunciation Test 6 Classroom language Word formation Test 7 Test 8 Test 9 Test 10 Test 11 Test 12 Phrase building Test 13 Collocation word partners Test 14 Verb or adjective preposition Test 15 Preposition noun Test 16 Phrasal verbs 1 Test 17 Phrasal verbs 2 Test 18 Idioms and fixed expressions Test 19 Make do have take Test 20 Give keep break catch see Test 21 Get uses and expressions Test 22 Go uses and expressions Test 23 Apologies excuses and thanks Test 24 Requests invitations and suggestions Test 25 Opinions agreeing and disagreeing Test 26 Specific situations and special occasions Parts of speech special problems Test 27 Uncountable nouns and plural nouns Test 28 Verbs -ing form or infinitive Test 29 Verb patterns Test 30 Adjectives Test 31 Prepositions place Test 32 Adverbs frequency and degree Example language adjective idiom full stop enough island machine look sth. up cassette recorder un- in- im- dis- re--tion -ity -ness -ment -ive -y -able -fui -less to dream a dream dry to dry traffic jam mother tongue well-known easy-going miss the bus a strong accent depend on interested in by mistake on holiday wake up find out run out of sth. take sth. off turn sth. on break dowr take it in turns keep an eye on sth. make a mistake do homework give someone a ring keep a record get dressed get married get up go out for a meal have a go sorry I m late 1 got held up could you . how about . what do you think of . happy birthday good luck well done information U trousers pl enjoy can t stand refuse verb object verb that clause big enormous confused confusing below in front of towards rarely .

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