TAILIEUCHUNG - Asterix and the Falling Sky

part: Asterix and the Falling Sky. Asterix is a famous French Comic book, that has been translated into 100+ languages and dialects! (pretty impressive hah?). The first Asterix adventure (Asterix the Gaul) appeared in a magazine called Pilote and from then on, 32 other official Asterix comics have been published. Rene Goscinny wrote the books while Albert Uderzo illustrated them until the death of Goscinny aged 51. Uderzo then carried on the series. As well as the comic books, there have been many spin-offs including movie books, game books, Dogmatix books etc. Asterix is so popular, he even has. | eoscB GOSCINNY AND UDERZO PRESENT An Asterix Adventure ASTERIX AND THE FALLING SKY Written and Illustrated by ALBERT UDERZO Translated by Anthea Bell and Derek Hockridge ORION Scanned Spleep or my oive everything. lldruno 1920-2004 and fieri I derzo in 1242 idruno was sdflerts efder Irolher. flhere were Seven gears between them. .9t u a6 druno who recognising his uounger brothers budding taient first tool him to See a dirisian pulfisher. fjhal was in the Summer of 1240. an d _ 1 fieri was thirteen gears ofd. despect affection and shared interests united the two .

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