TAILIEUCHUNG - Physics exercises_solution: Chapter 33

Bộ tài liệu bài tập tham khảo môn vật lý bậc đại học bằng tiếng anh Chapter 33 | c x 10 8 m s _ ir 8 a v ------------------ x 10 8 m s . n b X 6-50 x 10 x 10-7 n m. __ . . c x 108 m s _ 1_-7 a Xvacuum --------------- x 10 7 m. vacuum f x 1014 Hz . c x 108 m s . 1_-7 b glass f x 1014 Hz . x _ c _ x 108 m s 1 54 a v x 108 m s b X0 nX x 10-7 m x 10-7 m. X -X -X water . x 10-7 m Xwaternwater XBenzenenBenzene XCS2 r-r 2 Benzene a Incident and reflected angles are always equal 3 r 6 a . b 3b - 3b - arcsinl sin 3 b 2 b 2 nb a - arcsml -00 sin . 2 d m o v -----------7 x 108 ms t x 10 9s 1 c x 108 m s 1 o n ---------------- v x 108 m s n sin a nb sin -- sin nb na a sin sin b sin n c v so v c n x 108 m s x 108 m s a Apply Snell s law at both interfaces. a Let the light initially be in the material with refractive index na and let the third and final slab have refractive index nb Let the middle slab have refractive index n- 1st interface na sin 0a n1 sin 01 2nd interface n1 sin 01 nb sin 0b Combining the two equations gives na sin 0a nb sin 0b. b For N slabs where the first slab has refractive index na and the final slab has refractive index nb na sin 0a n1 sin 01 n1 sin 01 n2 sin 02 K nN_2 sin 0N_2 nb sin 0b. This gives na sin 0a nb sin 0b. The final direction of travel depends on the angle of incidence in the first slab and the indicies of the first and last slabs. a 0water arcsin sin 0m I arcsinl H Sm I . V nwater J J b This calculation has no dependence on the glass because we can omit that step in the chain nair sin Oair IL sin Og nwater sin 0water. As shown below the angle between the beams and the prism is A 2 and the angle between the beams and the vertical is A so the total angle between the two beams is 2A. Rotating a mirror by an angle while keeping the incoming beam constant leads to .

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