TAILIEUCHUNG - internal supply

Rapid internal passing on of products and samples | Qualität Umwelt Management ö System PB-Nr Internal Delivery Process owner Hr. Bauer Prozess purpose and target Rapid internal passing on of products and samples Interfaces Supplier Document Process input R 03 - Stocks labeled product recipient indication R 04 - Development development marked sample prescription recipient indication R 05 - Production labeled product recipient indication Customer Document Process output product or sample possible accompanying document monitoring characteristic numbers quality Quality -- Environment -- flow process documentation competence Internal supply of sample powders and powder samples Issued by Date of release Version page Hr. Bauer 00 1 2 PB-Nr Internal Delivery The department which needs a powder sample must get it itself from the finished product or temporary storage facilities. The stock concerned is to be corrected from the collector also. Internal supply of products between processes The product is announced finished by the creating process and brought on an agreed upon stock pile and if necessary also in-posted. The processing has to fetch the product from this stock pile. The deduction is made by the appropriate process. Internal supply of samples The creating department must transmit the sample to the recipient in sole responsibility. The pertinent prescription is deposited in the PPS and can be recalled there by all entitled ones. Possible ones of far accompanying documents are to be transmitted similarly. Applicable documents EDV documentation Issued by Hr. Bauer Date of release Version 00 page 2

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