powder coatings under adherence to of the date, environmental and quality | PB-Nr Powder Process owner Herr Mayer Friedrich Hr. Demmelmayr Hr. Jakowitsch Process purpose and targetl powder coatings under adherence to of the date environmental and quality Interfaces Supplier Document Process input R 02-Auftragsabwicklung R 03-Stock order PPS product number quantity customer desired date of delivery special customer s requests S 04-Beschaffung Raw Materials bundle S 07-Rezepturwartung Rezeptur PPS Rezeptur Customer Document Process output R 02-Auftragsabwicklung Acknowledged date of delivery S 04-Beschaffung PPS Raw material order R 06-supply Powder coating monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Number of blockings produced loads number of complaints produced loads missing on stocks places Environment Quantity of waste produced quantity of quantity of waste produced jobs Issued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Mayer Friedrich 00 1 7 PB-Nr Powder flow process documentation competence Issued by Hr. Mayer Friedrich Date of release Version 00 Page 2 7 PB-Nr Powder Documents S04 k-------7 Scheduling -------x Ordering of raw materials Production schedule batch papers Run ticket batch formulation batch formulation panel Correction paper Batch formulation panel signature Run ticket panel correction paper batch formulation correction paper signature Resposibility Scheduling Powder Scheduling Powder Mixing small trial PQC Mixing PQC Production trial Coater PQC Mixing PQC Issued by Hr. Mayer Friedrich Date of release Version 00 Page 3

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