TAILIEUCHUNG - rapid discoverableness

Rapid discoverableness of products | Qualität Ä Umwelt Management System PB-Nr Stock location administration Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purpose and target Rapid discoverableness of products monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Environment Flow process documentation competence Drylac Color Batch - Final Products The administration takes place EDV-supported via Scannung of the cardboards on individual stock piles. The stock piles are specified and in an outline list arranged at the shelves. To details see EDV documentation Drylac Color Batch synthetic resin - Intermediate A scanning will not be executed here. The stock locations are agreed upon directly between the process owner Aqualac Wet lacquer - Manufactured products the administration of the stock locations is made by a manually led card index. DIY- Products the products have defined standard stock piles. Surplus bundles become in the proximity of these stock piles without special administration. Applicable documents EDV-Documentation List of scanned stock locations Isssued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Bauer Juli 2001 0 1