TAILIEUCHUNG - monitoring quality

Blockings due to false storage | PB-Nr Stock instructions Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purpose and target Blockings due to false storage Interfaces Quality Environment Flow process documentation competence Generally all bundles must be stored in such a way that damages are excluded as far as possible. During the storage the bundles must indicate a unique indication on the basis that the batch number at least must be recognizeable at any time. Drylac inclusive intermediate products The bundles must be stored under 25 C and drying. With intermediate product it is admissible that the external packing Pal box becomes damp it must however be guaranteed that the powder remains dry. Since Big Bags are humidity permeable these may not be stored in a damp environment. With containers it is to be noted that by opening humidity may occur in the inside. Wet lacquer Aqualac DIY-Lacquer the storage must take place between 5 and 25 C. Sythetic resin the storage must take place under 40 C a lighter moisture effect is admissible Color Batch The bundles may not become damp. Storage temperatures are not prescribed. Issued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Bauer 00 1