Supply in time from products to internal and external customer | PB-Nr R06 Delivery Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purporse and target Supply in time from products to internal and external customer Interfaces Supplier Document Process input R05-Production Product R04-Development Laboratory order sample sheet metals sample powder R03-Stock Product Customer Document Process output Internal Respective process input External Delivery note Respective process input input monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Dispatch error index Environment Flow process documentation competence Both in the case of the internal feed and with the temporary storage the stocks regulations for the individual products are to be kept continuously. To process representation see next page. Issued by Date of release Version page Hr. Bauer 00 1 2 PB-Nr R06 Delivery applicable documents R Stocks regulations R Stock location administration Internal supply y a External Supply T J Documents Responsibility Supply Industrial Products Shipping Industry Supply DIY-Products Shipping DIY Supply J Supply Transport company 1 y Sales Supply Tiger-Truck Tiger-Truck Service Internal Customer External Customer Issued by Hr. Bauer Date of release Version 00 page 2

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