TAILIEUCHUNG - production in time

Production in time under adherence to of the quality and environmental specifications | Qualität Umwelt Management System PB-Nr R05 Production Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purpose and target Production in time under adherence to of the quality and environmental specifications Interfaces Supplier Document Process input R02-Order settling order PPS Production job Customer Document Process output R06-Delivery Produkt R06-Delivery Clerk banknote article bundle quantity customer delivery type. Monitoring characteristic numbers Quality See subprocesses Environment See subprocesses flow process documentation competence Due to the product number it is decided to which production process the detailed job will be passed on. The data necessary for it are deposited in the item stock in the field main group. After the ready message of the EDP the product is automatically detected as deliverable and is ready for the further use printout of the clerk banknote . The quality parameters are defined and in the course of the production processes the prescribed places are checked and documented for all products in the prescription. For the qualitatively particularly sensitive powder coatings for the front area as external process validating the current check is consulted by the GSB. Issued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Bauer 00 1 2 v __ PB-Nr R05 Qualität Umwßlt Production Management System Around the traceability of the products to guarantee each bundle must be marked by the batch number for temporary storage beginning boiler mix vessels at each point in time. If this should not be possible then the indication can be made also by a container number with appropriate list. The finished products are provided directly at the machine with an appropriate batch number label or the used product specific bundles with the batch number are marked. The used raw materials are sufficiently back actionable over the documentation on the load prescription. If productions are continued to assign at Toll manufacturers then the responsibility for the quality of these products is .