PRODUCT SUPPLY | PGV- PRODUCT SUPPLY Title ntegrated Action Planning Purpose determine the integrated To ensure a systematic approach to actions in delivering the Business Objective Document No. Process Owner DMS Owner Prepared by DMS Owner Copy No. Process Customer All Functional Teams Concurred by Plant Leader Issue Date 30-11-97 Next Review 30-11-98 Issue No. 1 Approved by HRIT Customer Requirements To ensure systematic approach to determine focus areas for the organisation_ Output Measure Action or Control Limit 100 compliance 100 complete Process Output Measure 100 compliance 100 complete__ Person Responsible for Pro Leadership Team LEADERSHIP DIRECTION SETTING OWNER SUPPLIERS . PRLT. CIT. RM Eng. Lab. TIME . PSLT LT etc. Deploy the Critical Measures catchball Mar. Develop action plan to deliver Business results - _Process Indicators__ Name of In-Process In-Process Steps Measures Who Monitors Mar. Complete Critical Measure Document Complete Leadership March Develop macro action plan Complete Team March Integrate all macro action plan Complete Leadership Complete Customer supplier matrix Complete Leadership May Jun. Catchball Complete System Owner Develop micro action plan Complete Team Capability check in Monthly Review Complete Leadership Monitori Monitorinc Frequency Yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly Yearly .