TAILIEUCHUNG - customer inquiries

Entry of commercial customer inquiries and creation of possible supplies | PB-Nr R01 Customer enquiries Process ownerr Industriy Hr. Prok. Ebenberger MBA DIY Hr. Prok. Kokot Process purpose and target Entry of commercial customer inquiries and creation of possible supplies Interfaces Supplier Document Process input Customer Order request Customer Document Process input Customer Supply Supply R 02 Order specification monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Environment Issued by Date of release Version Page Hr. Ebenberger Hr. Kokot 0 1 3 PB-Nr R01 Customer enquiries Flow process documentation competence EDIFACT-Order Offer Documents Responsibility Customer Indoor Outdoor Sales Indoor Sales Indoor Sales If needed see R04 Indoor Sales Indoor Sales Issued by Hr. Ebenberger Hr. Kokot Date of release Version 0 Page 2 3 PB-Nr R01 Customer enquiries Accomodation of the enquiry the inquiry can take place with all media of modern communication. A complete order covers the at least following data - customer - product number or accurate product designation inclusive color surface. - bundles and quantity - order number of the customer - price - date of delivery - possible one environmental-relevant customer Demand with development This is necessary only if in the customer inquiry request and data are contained which are situated outside of the usual specification for our products. Here which product series must be clarified to use is or which special processing or raw materials is necessary before a supply putting. In the case of need a laboratory job can be created to its result basis for the supply putting already here is. details in addition see to R02 - order processing . supply create the supply can both over the PPS and over all other modern aids be created. However the at least following specification must be contained - detailed specification of the product . product number packing . - price by unit as well as acceptance mode - delivery parity mode of payment - validity period Creation of supply The supply can both be created. .

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