TAILIEUCHUNG - P Vietnam - Product Supply

P Vietnam - Product Supply | Title PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Purpose To document individual s performance INDIVIDUAL SYSTEM FORM systems Document No. Process Owner R R System Owner Prepared by R R System Owner Copy No. 1 Process Customer PS Employees Concurred by HRIT Issue Date 12-01-98 Next Review 12-01-99 Issue No. 2 Approved by R R System Owner CONTRIBUTION- BASED ASSESSMENT Name Date III. Individual Contribution D. System Ownership Major System PS Horizontal Team all minor systems System Implementation Rating Comments System 1 System 2 System 3 System 4 System 5 Total DIV 0 Rate each system according to the flowchart below Implementation Rating is equal to Rating from flowchart divided by 2. Rate each horizontal team by achievement of scorecard 5 100 4 80 3 60 2 40 1 20 indsyst .