TAILIEUCHUNG - Who Are Our Employees?

Comparison of Generations (the "Big Three")*: Mature Group: Before Boomers - Born Prior to 1946 Baby Boomers: Born Between 1946 - 1961 Generation Xers: Born Between 1962 - 1981 | Guide to Retaining Employees Back to Menu Comparison of Generations the Big Three Mature Group Before Boomers - Born Prior to 1946 Baby Boomers Born Between 1946 - 1961 Generation Xers Born Between 1962 - 1981 1 - Mature Group 2 - Boomers 3 - Xers Outlook Practical Optimistic Skeptical Work Ethic Dedicated Driven Balance View of Authority Respectful Love Hate Unimpressed. No tolerance for incompetent leadership. Believe in actions not words. More free in expressing cynicism. Leadership Hierarchy Consensus Competition Perspective Civic Team Self-reliant. Because of dual career parents divorces. Can plan parents off each other. Demographics Re Gen Xers Children of dual-career parents. Record number of divorced parents. Video Computer focused. Mistrusting of institutions. Distrusts hierarchy. Visual. Fiercely independent. This information courtesy of Mary Norvid HR Manager .