TAILIEUCHUNG - IElts foundation course part 6

Tài liệu này được xuất bản nhằm giúp cho tất cả các sinh viên thuộc mọi trình độ có thể đạt được điểm cao hơn trong các kỳ thi toefl. Tất cả các sinh viên nên làm các bài tập trong tấ cả các phần của tài liệu cái mà họ cảm thấy không chắc chắn. Ngay cả những sinh viên đã nói, nghe, đọc, viết tốt thì cũng nên sử dụng tài liệu này để phát triễn vốn tiếng anh thêm phong phú hơn. | Question 6 Which of these is NOT mentioned as important to the development of 1 globalization A the telephone C the postal service B the fax D air travel 0 4 Look at questions 7-9 and listen to the second section. Questions 7-9 Complete the following notes using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS 8 Anti-globalization groups - eg Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. These are . They feel globalization causes global warming and depletion of oil gas sea life. Many businesses in developed nations are against globalization because of competition from 9. 5 .lL122 Look at questions 10-12 and listen to the final section. Questions 10-12 Complete this table using ONE OR TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER. Organization Established No. of member states Role WTO 10 123 Prevents members favouring home industries IMF 1946 11 Provides temporary financial help UN 1946 Promotes shared values between UN and the 12 6 Throughout the lecture the lecturer uses certain words and phrases to signal or signpost key stages in the lecture. Recognizing these can help you to understand and follow her argument. Look at these signposts and divide them into these categories. Introduction Sequencing Changing Concluding Summarizing topic 1 Turning now to . 7 I will start by considering . 2 Now let us look a little at. 8 So we ve seen that. 3 Lastly . 9 I d now like to move on to . 4 In the first part of today s lecture . 10 Secondly I will explain . 5 I would like to . 11 So let s begin with . 6 Having looked at. let s now consider . 12 Finally I intend to . 7 l J 20-22 Listen to the lecture again and number the signposts in the order in which you hear them. Globalization 81 -xt to th-2 you . in the eldvskimming the text. k x 9. i3 8 000 million 25miliiOn j __s prod this article is about. Reading 2 Strategy Read the questions or T F NG statements through first and guess the meaning of any words you do not understand. Skimming 1 Write the numbers in - Then check your pre J 150 10 million i The .

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