Share the results with your manager/direct report and discuss similarities, differences, and new insights gained about each other. | VALUING EXERCISE Directions 1 Indicate the five most important M and least important L ways that show you you re valued. 2 Share the results with your manager direct report and discuss similarities differences and new insights gained about each other. 3 Identify specifically what each of you can do to fully value each other and capture it in your Personal Action Plans. __ Being consulted on decisions which impact you your area __ Getting a salary increase __ Advocacy when others argue for you or your cause supported __ Being given additional responsibility __ Being recognized as part of a successful team organization __ Getting positive recognition in private and in public __ Having your work reapplied by others __ Promotion __ New assignment opportunities that utilize your skills provide new growth __ Clear understanding of expectations __ Access to developmental opportunities __ Being kept informed __ Being used as a resource - skill recognized and sought after for a task __ Recognition from hierarchy __ Recognition from peers __ Recognition from subordinates if applicable __ Autonomy independent not being checked up on freedom to do work __ Receiving balanced feedback __ Being involved in social informal events __ Being asked how can I support effective family work life balance __ Being included in decision meetings or presenting your analysis .

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