Describe Reward & Recognition System | PGV Product Supply Title REWARDS AND RECOGNITION - SYSTEMS Purpose Describe Reward Recognition System Document No. Process Owner R R System Owner Prepared by R R Systems Owner Copy No. 1 Process Customer PS Employees Concurred by Career Planning Team Issue Date 27 03 00 Next Review 27 03 01 Issue No. 2 Approved by R R Systems Owner System - Overall Rewards System System Owner Training Rewards and Recognition System - Intrinsic Non Monetary and Extrinsic-Monetary Review of the Intrinsic non monetary Pay and Progression System Performance Rating System Salary Management Training Promotional guidelines Measures Review System Rewards and Recognition System Purpose of System - Purpose of the system is to provide pay progression non-monetary rewards which will increase the retention of personnel and motivation of the organization to become a high performance organization. System Owner - To manage and improve the use of pay and progression rewards throughout the organization. The owner will insure that pay progression rewards support the overall rewards system and IWS. Measures 6 month update KEA assessment OHA interviews comments as compared to last OHA interviews IWS Rewards and Recognition design KEA Number of employees understand the system Survey Results - Quarterly Reward Recognition principles Emphasis success versus failure - salary increases reinforce performance through leadership discussion Pay levels and salary management must be consistent with industry norms Deliver salary increases or changes in a confidential manner Tailor the recognition and reward to foster the HPWS objectives including broader leadership levels and horizontal systems Design of the system must reinforce the overall results that are individually and organizationally desired System should be easy and simple to explain understand System of pay and progression must be easy to administer fairly and consistently Strive for a clear and well communicated connection between the .