TAILIEUCHUNG - Promotion criteria

PROMOTION CRITERIA TO NEXT LEVEL | Level 2 PROMOTION CRITERIA TO NEXT LEVEL Name of the employee to be promoted Name of the employee s leader Progression Criteria Remark Required Actual Total Assessment PST Contr. Business Key factors Leadership Fundamental Capacity Fundamental Collaboration Strong Solution Strong Risk Taking Fundamental Innovation Fundamental Technical Mastery Strong Performance rating Skills 1 or 2 What major area is he she qualified Qualified 2 areas Which major support system he she is the owner Qualified 1 areas Which equipment process he she masters 1 area Which minor system he she is the owner How is he she maintaining documenting his her 1 area expertise Which training courses has he she passed Train others Name the system equipment he she trained others Demonstrates Which Major core area 1 area Which Major Support Sys. 1 system Which Equipment 1 area Which Minor System Goals Results Achievement Did he she meet goals defined in W DP and Ind l 1 system scorecard How many percent Improvements Did he she actively participate in improvements Meets 80 activities Yes How many improvements has he she made Teams 5 What horizontal team is he she member of How is the feedback from his her team leader about Yes-1 team his her contribution in that team Active and effective Date Signature of the employee s leader Page