TAILIEUCHUNG - Plant decision making authorization matrix

Decision Making Authorization Matrix | New Liquid Procter Gamble Viet Nam Binh Duong Plant Decision Making Authorization Matrix Decision Making List Involvement Make Decision Concur A Organization 1 Team charter team building devise group action plan . Shift Leader Dept Leader HR Leader 2 Meeting timing tenor and share information all employees Dept Leader 3 Rotation working news Dept Leader HR Dept 4 Review W DP and individual scorecard all employees Shift Dept Leader B Safety 5 Fix proleblem involve to Safety 100 safety in working all employees System owner and Shift Leader Dept H SE Leader C Production 6 Production plan operator Planning Shift Dept Leader 7 Change BPR Formula card QA contact TSO QC R D 8 Change centerline operator TSO System owner 9 QA issue Micro operator TSO QA QC 10 Fix proleblem in PLC program down load progamme operator System owner 11 Put the timing in a ware-house Raw material owner 12 Fix problem ivvolve to GMP BOS operator System owner D AM PM activities 13 Maintenance schedule Equiment Owner System owner Shift Dept Leader 14 Budget control spare part building System owner Dept Leader 15 OPL measure review operator System owner 16 Improvement measure review all employees 17 Problem solving all employees System owner E TS Dept Leader E E T 18 Training plan E T Contact Dept Leader 19 Individual qualification program all employees Shift Dept Leader 20 Skill qualification matrix System owner Department Leader F Leave Page 1 New Liquid 21 Annual leave all employees Dept Leader 22 Compensative leave all employees Shift Dept Leader 23 Sick leave all employees Dept Leader HR Dept 24 Page 2 New Liquid Remarks Page