TAILIEUCHUNG - powder coating 1

Es sollen die Bedingungen für das Beschichten von Prüfblechen mit Pulverlacken festgelegt werden | TIGER DRYLAC Quality Control Test instruction Powder coating of test sheet metals PA 08 1. Purpose Target The conditions are to be determined for coating test sheet metals with powder coatings. 2. Description of the procedure Testing sets cup pistol warming cupboard cabinet coating Cab system parameters The system adjustments for the coating are - Voltage 50 - 60 kV - Incoming air 4 - 6 bar - Dosing air 4 - 6 bar Execution The powder sample is filled into the cup of the pistol and the required sheet metals are coated with the film strength stated below. With system attempts and pallet samples only a nonchromated box sheet metal is coated. The powdered sheet metals are burned with the burning conditions given in the table temperature time in a circulating air drying furnace. After the cooling the sheet metals will be provided with the filled out labels system attempt and pallet samples with the label of the machinist . Approved by Issue date Update status Folder - Nr page Ing. Mathe October 2001 08 HQ 03 - 18 1 2 TIGER DRYLAC Quality Control Test instruction Powder coating of test sheet metals PA 08 3. Parameters Film thickness of the test sheet metals Surface Short form Film strength pm smooth independent from gloss degree GL 60 - 80 basic structure indep. from gloss degree GS 90 - 120 fine structure FS 70 - 90 Hammer blow HS 100 - 120 Wrinklefinish WF 90 -120 Glitter effects 100 - 120 Series 28 40 - 60 These specification generally apply excluded other parameters are indicated on the prescription or the product route card. Types of the test sheet metals Nomenclature Mass mm Box sheet metal 69 x 119 QUV - sheet metal 75 x 147 DIN A4 - sheet metal 300x200 DIN A5 - sheet metal 200x150 Original sheet metals variable Special test sheet metals - Glazes With glazes additionally a nickel plated test sheet metal with the film strength of 50 must - 80 pm has to be coated. - Colorless Glitter and similar effects With colorless products additionally a black and white test .

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