To provide consistent guidelines/procedures for considering the rehire of former P&G managers into regions outside their former location. | Rehire GLOBAL REHIRE PROCESS PROCEDURES RECOMMENDATION Objective To provide consistent guidelines procedures for considering the rehire of former P G managers into regions outside their former location. Potential Rehire o Highly rated at time of separation - 2 or above. o Sponsored by line organization for rehire Questions o If employee switched functions majors do we still want line sponsorship . former PS manager who returns to school for degree in Marketing. Do we still want the PS organization to approve recommend we rehire reconsider for new organization Should Business Unit Head be the sponsoring person versus function Employees Pursuing Advanced Degrees EMPLOYEES RETURNING TO SCHOOL OR ATTENDING EVENING COURSES FOR ADVANCED DEGREES BACKGROUND Performance is the primary driver on how well a person progresses within the Company and advanced degrees are not a requirement or advancement. However some employees have a desire to supplement their education and internal training by obtaining advanced degrees such as an MBA. Currently we are inconsistent across regions on how we recognize and compensate employees for taking advanced course work or obtaining additional degrees. This results in our losing high potential employees who end up leaving to return to school full-time and ultimately end up working for competitors. PROGRAMS TO ASSIST IN RETAINING TOP EMPLOYEES WHO CHOOSE TO ADVANCE THEIR EDUCATION Employee Tuition Refund Program Our commitment to the continued growth of our employees through training offered internally and externally should be a priority since advanced skills and knowledge will assist us in competing in the marketplace. Our Employee Tuition Refund Program offers us the opportunity to reimburse employees who successfully complete advanced course work while continuing to work full-time. We should embrace this concept globally and be consistent in how it is applied. Details on Administering this Program are available through your Human .