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Calibration of the correctness of inspection results by consistent and conscienttious control of inspection, measuring and tests | PB-Nr Test equipment calibration Process owner Hr. Breitschopf Process purpose and target Calibration of the correctness of inspection results by consistent and conscienttious control of inspection measuring and tests Interfaces Supplier Document Process input Orderer Operating instruction Device Customer Document Process output User Inspection report report flow process documentation competence 1 monitoring scope transfer and entry All in the tiger factory necessary tests and measuring instruments for the proof of feature developments are periodically checked to guarantee the fulfilment of the demands concerning correctness and accuracy. The selection for the available application suitable test and measuring instrument takes place in the course of the inspection planning via the it. With ambiguity concerning the suitability the PMUe is advisory merged. All new procured test-and measuring instruments must be presented before their use with inspection report or certificate for the entry acceptance checking and indication with the PMUe. Mobile test and measuring instruments are not to be transported and directly released for use to the designated places of assembly and locally of the PMUe 2 indication Each test and measuring instrument is provided with an inspection device transfer by the PMUe. All invalid test- and measuring instruments are indicated by the PMUe by a red check plaque and set out of operation. The responsible department manager has to arrange a new acquisition or a repair of the closed inspection device. Issued by Date Version Page Hr. Breitschopf Juli 2001 0 1 3 PB-Nr Test equipment calibration 3 testing instructions All definitions and notes necessary for the examination test standard interval between checks etc. are taken from the respective testing instructions for test and measuring instruments. these testing instructions are updated by PME constantly first construction phases are executed by the concerning department. 4

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