TAILIEUCHUNG - IELTS express intermediate part 4

Sử dụng tiếng anh sao cho tốt luôn đòi hỏi chúng ta phải có thời gian ôn luyện thật lâu và vất vả. Làm quen với giáo trình IELTS các bạn sẽ thấy đây là một bộ giáo trình hết sức dễ hiểu và có ích cho ta trong việc học tiếng anh một cách nhanh chóng. | Introduction Apart from aeroplanes what other ways of flying are there Transport and Inventions Exam tasks Matching headings to paragraphs multiple-choice questions Skills Building a mental map of the text rebuilding the text Discuss these questions with a partner. Have you ever flown in a plane Do you like flying Why Why not 2 Building a mental map of the text A Reading a text can be like going to a new city - it can be difficult to find your way around. A useful technique to help you navigate a text is to build a map of the passage in your mind as you are reading. When you read the first paragraph you can see how the rest of the passage will develop. Paragraphs 1-4 are first paragraphs from different texts and tell us something about the development of the text they are taken from. Read them and then match them with the types of text maps i-iv . For thousands of years humans have looked at the skies and dreamed of flying. Early attempts to fly using wings made from feathers were unsuccessful and in many cases ended in disaster. The use of hot air and light gases eventually allowed humans to reach for the skies but it was not until the early 1900s that gliders and then powered planes fully realised man s dream to fly. Oi v. G gli un thr b 2 How a road is built Fact sheet The following steps outline the stages involved in road building some of which occur concurrently. First of all it is necessary IN THE EXAM Academic and General Training Reading passages While the task types of the Academic and General Reading modules are the same the types of reading passages differ. The Academic module will usually contain at least one passage organised as a logical argument while the readings in the General Training module are likely to be more descriptive or organisation of non-argumentative texts may vary but common types are categories chronological description and describing a process. 40 3 -------------------------------- ------------ here are many reasons