TAILIEUCHUNG - IELTS express intermediate part 3

Tiếng anh ngày nay là rất quan trọng trong cuộc sống chúng ta. Chúng ta học tiếng anh với nhiều mục đích khác nhau. Để chọn cho bản thân một bộ giáo trình để học thiệt khó. Với ielts chúng ta không phải lo sợ vì đây là một bộ giáo trình học tiếng anh hàng đầu quốc tế. | READING A Skim the classified advertisement below. Which of the pictures on page 24 does it refer to Show your partner. Wire INTERNATIONAL 45 000 . This market-leading news channel requires a dynamic and experienced journalist to join our team covering events in South America. Based in Buenos Aires you will be fluent in Spanish and English. have a minimum of 3 years experience in business or marketing journalism. have a degree in business or marketing. have the initiative required to work independently. Please email your CV to or call Diane Roberts for more details on 020 9425 6954 B Read the advertisement carefully. Underline the keywords that helped you match the advertisement with the picture. C Read the advertisement above and find synonyms and paraphrases different words with the same or similar meaning for 1 having worked in this field before 2 being able to make decisions yourself 3 speaking other languages i3 Matching information to sections of text This task consists of two parts. For Questions 1-4 you need to match pictures with advertisements. For Questions 5-10 you need to match advertisements with statements. for this task Questions 1-4 Try to think of different words to describe what s in each look for keywords in the advertisements. j Match the ones you are sure about first and then the more difficult ones second. If you can t find the answer guess. Questions 5 10 Look for keywords in the statements. Then look for synonyms or paraphrases of these keywords in the advertisements. If a statement refers to more than one advertisement make sure that the statement you choose matches precisely what the advertisement says. UNIT 3 Jobs and Job-hunting 25 Questions 1-4 Look at pictures 1-4 and advertisements A-D below. Match each picture with the advertisement it applies to. Write the correct letter A-D in the box next to the picture. B Telesales Advisor for PVC WINDOW REPLACEMENT COMPANY per hour .

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