TAILIEUCHUNG - IELTS express intermediate part 1

Cuộc thi ielts là một cuộc thi cho các sinh viên muốn du học tại mỹ. Đây là cuộc thi đòi các thí sinh có một nền tảng kiến thức phải thiệt chắc chắn. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn ôn luyện thật tốt cho kỳ thi ielts. | Intermediate Richard Hallows Martin Lisboa Mark Unwin essentials IELTS express Intermediate IELTS Express is a two-level preparation course for candidates studying for the International English Language Testing System examination IELTS . lELTS-type tasks and practice activities provide students with the essential skills they need for exam success. Each IELTS Express Coursebook is an ideal choice for short preparation courses of 30-40 hours and can easily be extended for longer courses by selecting from supplementary materials. IELTS Express Intermediate Coursebook is designed for candidates at IELTS Bands and includes full coverage of both Academic and General Training Modules a complete Academic and General Training Practice test In the exam sections with detailed information on each part of the exam For this task sections offering strategies for each IELTS exam task type Express tips with practical suggestions for taking the exam a Language bank of useful expressions for IELTS writing and speaking recorded speaking models to help learners prepare for the exam interview Answer key and Listening scripts for all Reading and Listening sections The IELTS Express Intermediate Workbook provides further practice of the skills and task types covered in the Coursebook as well as key vocabulary and grammar needed for exam success. An Audio CD Tape is available for each Workbook. Support for the IELTS instructor and curriculum coordinator includes Video DVD for each level with model interviews and advice for candidates preparing for the IELTS speaking module Teacher s Guides with step-by-step lesson notes annotated answers listening scripts and model essays Class Audio CDs Tapes for the listening and speaking sections A full list of course components is available on the back cover flap. THOMSON ------- For your learning solutions learning Visit Thomson ELT online at THOMSON --- --- essentials A quick guide to IELTS Express Intermediate .

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