TAILIEUCHUNG - Emergency of solid goods

Precaution for the avoidance of environmentalrelevant emergencies by materials | Qualität Ä Umwelt Management System PB-Nr Emergency of solid goods Process owner Hr. Bauer Process purpose and target Precaution for the avoidance of environmentalrelevant emergencies by materials Interfaces Supplier Document Process input Processes Discussions Potential danger Customer Document Process output Prozcess System Precautions measures measure monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Environment Number of materially caused emergencies Regarding the danger potential of materials three groups are differentiated 1. Fixed materials Materials which are in the factory area are chemically to a large extent. Due to our used raw materials above all materials with small grain size are of importance for the evaluation of the danger potential. With these materials the danger of a dust explosion exists with appropriate distribution in this case appropriate ignition sources are to be excluded and therefore these areas are to be defined as EX zones. Issued by Date Version Page Hr. Bauer 00 1 5 v g _ PB-Nr Qualität s I Emergency of solid goods Management System 2. Liquid substances. Basically the danger of seeping exists with liquid substances. In case the used containers are leaky a second container is intended which can take up the escaping liquid. Suitable methods are double coat containers and catch pans. To avoid the sewers from getting dirty in the factory area slots with oil separators are provided within the endangered areas. For the protection of the public duct system all factory channels are equipped with slidegate valves which can be closed in an emergency. For burying small quantities of liquids suitable oil binders are available in the appropriate areas 3. Gaseous materials gases which are set free by substances with low steam pressure Solids however above all liquids can set free gases. Basically therefore all materials with low steam pressure in closed containers must be kept. In production departments in which free combustible

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