TAILIEUCHUNG - old world and newworld

Policy: Old world and new world | 1 Frinc-i ji e Old World New World Policies are within the letter and spirit of the law NtwWMdi Policies are within the letter and the spirit of the law Policy guides policy decision PVP guides policy decisions Roles- and i HR makes policy decision txdiffe. Line manager makes policy decision Policy available to a select group of employees Policy available to all employees Policies are written for HR and Legal intent is often not clear WMdwfln EwiMi conduct Policies are written so any employee can understand and the intent of the policy is clear wwhti Policies are by country with minimal global application large quantities of policies mired in complexity IwdbMk Core set of global policies in place reduced in number and complexity Emphasis is on rules to be followed n t Emphasis is on understanding and thinking about the principles and intent of what we want to achieve Content Author Owner JoAnn Hagopian HR ION Name HAGOPIAN JG Copyright 1997 Procter Gamble All rights .

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