Loss Events | Loss Events Loss Event Current State Ideal State Loss Opportunity Time Inventory Time Inventory I Time Inventory Design Losses Package Product Formula Material specification Material Sourcing Losses Supplier Contract Mfr Losses Material Losses scrap Material Supply Variations Over specifications Productivity losses Throughput losses Methods losses QA logistics. Other manufacturing losses utilities Enviromental . Material Delivery Losses Transportation Outside storage Lead Time Losses Material Inv related Acquisition cycle Material variation Remnants Initiative related Manufacturing Sourcing Plant Losses Quality Defect Loss - Scrap Material Losses - Unavailable Material Losses Unused Productivity losses Scheduled Maintenance Equipment Downtime Throughput Lack of Raw Packing Materials Scheduled Adjustments Equipment Breakdowns Minor Stops Set-up adjustments Centerline Change-over Start-up Shut down Manufacturing Function loss Speed Loss Other equipment effort losses line touches. Manual loading unloading Other Eq. Related effort when run lIne touches. Peopl e Method Losses Human Effort Losses Environment - Outside Storage Other Remnants Variations losses Other ME losses utilities Env supplies. Storeroom Inventory In process inventory losses Manufacturing cycle inv losses Overall Materia Product losses in delivery Material - unusable non value added Rejects Damage . Packaging Design Losses Transportation Outside Storage P G Distribution Design location of DC s. P G Distribution centers losses Use appropriate Mfr loss events Delivery Displays Display sourcing Effectiveness losses Losses in display manufacturing Customers Out of Stock on the shelf Ordering process Information flow Demand Variation Across Supply Chain Losses PSNME Productivity Losses Other charges Travel. SKU complexity losses Duplication of inspection documentation FP Remnants Initiatives Promotions related Inv See Lead Time loss types events 15-10-09 loss events sla