Make an aggressive opening offer to panic/force the Other Party to agree, or at least change expectations. | NEGOTIATION TACTICS I D Tactic Name How the Tactic is Used Ideas to Defend Counter Other Party Use 1 I Pre-emptive Strike Opening Offer Make an aggressive opening offer to panic force the Other Party to agree or at least change expectations. Tactics 28 26 30 6. Show you aren t influenced challenge weaknesses in their position. 2 I Building Block Piecemeal Breakdown Request pricing for various quantities volume levels or breakdowns of the total product system cost. Tactics 4. Convince Other Party that all concessions depend on the total deal in the end. 3 I Backward Negotiating Start from your desired final result or target. Tactics 2 13. Focus talks on your starting point. 4 I D Linking Issues Tie 2 or more issues outcomes together conditionally Tactics 2. Negotiate each issue separately. 5 I D Messenger Play the role of a third party delivering an unpleasant request condition from another party. Tactics 22 23. This is very frustrating I d like to speak with the person who decided this. 6 I D Silence Remain quiet in order to get the Other Party to talk more or be nervous about something they said did. Tactics 6 or 22 25 24. If you have nothing more to say I guess we should end our meeting. 7 I D Deadlines Set artificial or real deadlines to motivate fast action. Tactics 26 8. Why important Who set it 8 I D What If. Suppose. Questions Ask hypothetical questions without commitment or direction to brainstorm possible ways around issues. Tactics 26 or 7. Why important or Please offer some concrete proposals we are out of time. 9 I D Exploring Meeting Make an informal meeting contact to explore different views proposals positions sensitivities etc. Tactics 38 26 or 8. If unfriendly ask why don t share. If friendly get Other to share first and most. 10 I D Hero Emphasize how good it will be for the other party to agree to your proposal or solve your problem. Tactics 15 32 20 31. I d love to help but I need to solve my problem first. Will you help me 11 I D Good Guy - Bad