Organizational Development (OD) is one of two major models that managers must understand to perform total quality management. HRD + OD = TQM | A Simplified OD MODEL Organizational Development OD is one of two major models that managers must understand to perform total quality management. HRD OD TQM Organizational Development Model The nine elements of this OD MODEL are organized into three sets of relationships. Each set defines relationships that must be understood developed and maintained to maximize profitability. Each OD element asks a basic question about an organization. Leaders determine the organizational design by the answers they choose for each of the nine questions. OD MODEL Elements and Sets ORGANIZATION Relationships Workforce Leadership Ownership PURPOSE Why are we here PATTERNS How are we put together PLANS How do we document and display PEOPLE How do our people fit PROFIT How do we meet cash and capital needs PLACE Do we have adequate physical resources WORK FLOW Relationships Supplier Interpersonal Customer PRODUCTS What value do we create PROCESS How do we make next steps happen MARKETS Relationships Government Markets Community POSITIONING Are we where our product or service sells High Quality Organizational Performance is the result of Profitability and Productivity through People HRD 0 Human Resources Development Just how important is HRD It is easier to say People are are greatest asset than it is to put that belief into measurable action There is no doubt that in many industries the next major competitive edge will be in maximizing people resources. Companies that learn to continuously develop human resources not only stand a greater chance to survive in the next century but will also be more profitable. This page is dedicated to helping leaders put their beliefs about the importance of developing their human resources into action better decisions people friendly organizational designs adequate resources etc. . Professional human resources management HRD must blend with organizational management OD and quality management TQM to produce world class qualityproducts and services. .

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