CMOS Asynchronous | interkil 82C50A Data Sheet August 24 2006 CMOS Asynchronous The 82C50A Asynchronous Communication Element ACE is a high performance programmable Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter UART and Baud Rate Generator BRG on a single chip. Using Intersil s advanced Scaled SAJI IV CMOS Process the ACE will support data rates from DC to 625K baud 0-10MHz clock . The ACE s receiver circuitry converts start data stop and parity bits into a parallel data word. The transmitter circuitry converts a parallel data word into serial form and appends the start parity and stop bits. The word length is programmable to 5 6 7 or 8 data bits. Stop bit selection provides a choice of 1 or 2 stop bits. The Baud Rate Generator divides the clock by a divisor programmable from 1 to 216-1 to provide standard RS-232C baud rates when using any one of three industry standard baud rate crystals or . A programmable buffered clock output BAUDOUT provides either a buffered oscillator or 16X 16 times the data rate baud rate clock for general purpose system use. To meet the system requirements of a CPU interfacing to an asynchronous channel the modem control signals RTS CTS DSR DTR RI DCD are provided. Inputs and outputs have been designed with full TTL CMOS compatibility in order to facilitate mixed TTL NMOS CMOS system design. Features Single Chip UART BRG DC to 625K Baud DC to 10MHz Clock Crystal or External Clock Input On Chip Baud Rate Generator 1 to 65535 Divisor Generates 16X Clock Prioritized Interrupt Mode Fully TTL CMOS Compatible Microprocessor Bus Oriented Interface 80C86 80C88 Compatible Scaled SAJI IV CMOS Process Low Power - 1mA MHz Typical Modem Interface Line Break Generation and Detection Loopback and Echo Modes Doubled Buffered Transmitter and Receiver Single 5V Supply Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available RoHS Compliant Ordering Information 625K BAUD PART MARKING TEMP RANGE C PACKAGE PKG. DWG. CP82C50A-5 CP82C50A-5 0 to 70 40 Ld PDIP .