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Tài liệu tham khảo | TIGER Processes ISO 9001 ISO 14001 HQU 01 Management processes M01 QE-Policy M02 Management-Responsibility M03 Communication M04 Documentation M05 Personnel-Management M06 Emergency and handling there of M07 Improvement M08 Testing Measure M09 Audits Control M10 Data analyses Environmental processes U01 Governmental regulations U02 Marked Customer U03 Environmental aspects U04 Customer satisfaction U05 Society Realization R01 Customer request R02 Order handling R03 Stock R04 Development R05 Production R06 Supply Support processes S01 Marketing S02 IT S03 Purchasing equipment S04 Purchasing raw materials S05 Raw material stock S06 Continuation S07 Formulation maintenance S08 Product declaration S09 Waste Management S10 Accounting S11 Customer service S12 Non conforming material Version 0 Date XX Reference to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Management Handbook 01 - Chapter 31 Page 1 of 3 ISO 9001 Norms TIGER Processes Management system QM-Handbook HQU01 Set up of documents M04 Set up of quality Responsibility of Management Responsibility of Management M01 M02 Customer satisfaction M01 M02 Q-Policy HQU01 M01 Planning M01 M02 M07 M09 Responsibilities M05 Customer focus Internal Communication M-judgment General M02 Criteria for judgment M02 Results of judgment M02 Management o Resources . Availability of Resources M02 Personnel M05 Infrastructure M02 Society M02 .