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The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks-P19:Apart from writing books like this one, I write code. I make my living by building web sites and applications as, I’m sure, many readers of this book do. I use CSS to complete jobs every day, and I know what it’s like to struggle to make CSS work when the project needs to be finished the next morning. | CSS Positioning and Layout 337 nav float left width 230px nav ul list-style none margin 3em 0 0 0 padding 0 border none nav li font-size 85 nav a link nav a visited color 555555 background-color transparent display block padding 1em 0 0 10px text-decoration none min-height 40px nav a hover nav a link nav a visited color FFFFFF background-image url background-repeat no-repeat footer clear both font-size 80 padding 1em 0 1em 0 margin-left 250px color 999999 background-color transparent The result is shown in Figure . Download at 338 The CSS Anthology Figure . The floated fixed-width centered layout with a border Discussion For the purposes of this discussion we ll ignore purely aesthetic-style properties such as borders colors and fonts so that we can concentrate on the layout. Both versions of this layout begin with a centered div similar to the layouts we worked with in How do I center a block on the page . This div is given the ID wrapper chapter09 or chapter09 excerpt body margin 0 padding 0 wrapper width 760px margin-right auto Download at CSS Positioning and Layout 339 margin-left auto The result of applying these styles is shown in Figure . Perfect Pizza Choosing Your Toppings Sed nec erat sed sem molestie congue. Cras lacus sapien ultrices ac mattis qiils Iobortis eu turpis. Allquam egestas areu a massa. In hendreritodio eget lectus. Nullam iaculis ultricies ipsum. Nullam idfelis. Phasellus at metus sed velit luctus semper. Cras wisi diam pharetra sed pharetra ac sodales in quam. Nullam facilisis. Allquam rhoncus sapien ac dui. Donee mattis ipsum. Nulla a nunc id ord mollis semper. Vestibulum porta quam a dolor. Vestibulum dictum massa at odio. In dignissim ante id dui. Morbl rhoncus elit ac ipsum. Curabltur a elit. Phasellus In lorem quis turpis imperdiet accumsan. Suspendisse potent . Curabltur a enim sed lacus tempor venenatls. Mauris sed ipsum .