TAILIEUCHUNG - Cracking the toefl ibt part 9

Ngày nay tiếng anh là rất phổ biến và quan trọng. Làm sao để sử dụng tiếng anh thật tốt luôn là vấn đề quan tâm của mọi người. Toefl là một kỳ thi đánh giá trình độ ngoại ngữ của chúng ta. Cuốn sách này sẽ giúp ta học tiếng anh thật tốt. | Captured means to be seized or taken. So choice C is not what we re looking for. All we have left is D . Enthused does mean to be excited but be careful This is a trap answer. On many vocabulary in context questions one of the wrong choices will be a dictionary definition of the word in question. But make sure the definition works in context. Remember the right answer is always based on the passage. In context it doesn t make sense to say that hyaline is enthused by ultraviolet radiation. Therefore eliminate D . And keep A as our answer. POE Strategies for Vocabulary in Context Questions The previous questions may have been easy for you or they may have been fairly difficult. If they were easy chances are you were comfortable with the words. If you had a hard time you probably didn t know all the words. Even if you don t know all of the words in a vocabulary in context question there are still some steps you can take to help increase your chances of getting the question correct. Let s look at the POE strategies we can use to answer this next question. 4. The word bO li in the passage is closest in meaning to A frequent B perilous C outer D unpredictable Here s the text from the passage. These give the arthropod information about its surroundings much as the nerve endings in human skin do. Also like human skin the shell protects fragile internal organs from potentially IWardo contact with the environment. It seals in precious moisture that would otherwise evaporate but permits the exchange of gases. A few things may affect your ability to answer this question. First you may have trouble making sense of the lines in the passage. Second you may not be confident about each of the words in the answer choices. In either of these cases your strategy is the same. Pick a word from the answers that you are familiar with. Let s start with frequent which means happening often. If this is the correct answer there should be a word or phrase in these lines that means something .

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