TAILIEUCHUNG - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Lab VIEW Tutorial Part 7

Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Lab VIEW Tutorial Part 7 | PHY 406 - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques PHY 406 - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques LabVIEW Tutorial - Part VII Wrapping It Up - SubVIs Hiding the Hard Work Encapsulation or the enclosing of a body of work into a sub-VI is an important part of serious LabVIEW programming. We are going to encapsulate this VI. To do this we will need to create an ICON and also to define the inputs and outputs required for this VI. When we encapsulate a VI the controls are replaced by the inputs to the sub-VI and the indicators are replaced by the outputs from the VI. It isn t necessary to have all the controls and indicators accessible from outside the sub-VI but in the case of controls you had probably have a good idea about what values they default to and whether these are the right values. It is probably better to use constants to prevent changes being made accidentally. Go to the front panel and pop-up on the icon in the top right. Select Edit Icon. A little graphical editor should pop-up. I am assuming that you can run somehting like this. I used the select dotted box to clear the icon and then the text tool to write and got this When you exit the icon editor you will notice that the icon has changed to your new one. This is the icon which will show when you use this entire VI as a sub-VI. Now pop-up on the icon again and select Show Connector. LabVIEW assigns a connector pattern to this VI. The general rule in LabVIEW is that inputs are on the left outputs are on the right. This connector pattern has only two slots on the right and I want three so I can change it with the pop-up Patterns and get one with three slots on the left and three on the right. Notice also that the tool has changed ot the wiring tool. To associcate each of the inputs and outputs with a particular sector of the connector pane click on the front panel item and then on the connector sector. When a connection is established the sector turns dark. Now would be a really good time to add .