TAILIEUCHUNG - Cracking the toefl ibt part 4

Tại các trung tâm anh ngữ luôn sử dụng rất nhiều các tài liệu tiếng anh. Tuy nhiên các tài liệu về toefl luôn là ưu tiên hàng đâu vì đây là một tài liệu mang tầm quốc tế. Nó được các trường đại học quốc tế hàng đầu biên soạn nên rất hữu ích. | forefront of education. Pressley s and Afflerbach s influential book Verbal Protocols of Reading emphasizes the importance of oral reading tracing its history back to the methods of Aristotle and Plato. In many ways however the new research reiterates what most teachers already know. For them the necessity and effectiveness of oral reading was never in doubt. Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 5 __ Paragraph 6 Last sentence _ Did you find any direction markers List them __ Main idea ssage 5 Although Homer s Iliad is a work of fiction many historians still use it as a starting place for their understanding of early Greek warfare. Homer s work although surely suffused with poetic and artistic liberties provides historians with a glimpse of the types of weapons and armor used during the period as well as some insight into the methods and strategies of early Greek warfare. During the time in which the Iliad takes place weapons and armor were primarily fashioned from bronze. Homer does mention armor made of gold particularly the gold suit of armor that the Lycian hero Glaucus wears. Although gold armor may certainly have existed it is certain that its use was restricted to only the most prestigious of warriors. Iron was known to the Greeks at the time of the battles described in the Iliad but it was .

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