TAILIEUCHUNG - Building Web Reputation Systems- P1

Building Web Reputation Systems- P1:Today’s Web is the product of over a billion hands and minds. Around the clock and around the globe, people are pumping out contributions small and large: full-length features on Vimeo, video shorts on YouTube, comments on Blogger, discussions on Yahoo! Groups, and tagged-and-titled bookmarks. User-generated content and robust crowd participation have become the hallmarks of Web . | Ratings Reviews Karma to Keep Your Community Healthy Systems O REILLY _ F. Randall Farmer ÿAHOOr. PRESS Bryce Glass Web Development Building Web Reputation Systems What do Amazon s product reviews eBay s feedback score system Slashdot s karma system and Xbox Live s Achievements have in common They re all examples of successful reputation systems that enable consumer websites to manage and present user contributions most effectively. This book shows you how to design and develop reputation systems for your own sites or web applications written by experts who have designed web communities for Yahoo and other prominent sites. Building Web Reputation Systems helps you ask the hard questions about these underlying mechanisms and understand why they re critical for any organization that draws from or depends on usergenerated content. It s a must-have for system architects product managers community support staff and UI designers. Scale your reputation system to handle an overwhelming inflow of user contributions Determine the quality of contributions and learn why some are more useful than others Become familiar with different models that encourage first-class contributions Discover tricks of moderation and how to stamp out the worst contributions quickly and efficiently Engage contributors and reward them in a way that gets them to return Examine a case study based on actual reputation deployments at industry-leading social sites including Yahoo Flickr and eBay Basic understanding of application logic is recommended along with experience in creating web content. like the scope of the book. It provides a lot of new material about a field that is struggling to leap from black art to science and it provides a lot of useful anecdotal evidence to illustrate the counterintuitive traps. Douglas Crockford F. Randall Randy Farmer has been creating online community systems for more than 30 years. He helped to invent many of the basic structures for both virtual worlds and social