TAILIEUCHUNG - Ngân hàng đề thi Tiếng Anh - Phần 1

Tài liệu tham khảo Ngân hàng đề thi Tiếng Anh Dùng cho hệ đào tạo đại học từ xa | CHƯƠNG TRÌNH DT T I Ị Ị Ị Ị ĐÀO TAO ĐAI HOC TỪ XA HỌC VIỆN CÔNG NGHỆ BƯU CHÍNH VIỄN THÔNG Km10 Đường Nguyên Trãi Hà Đông-Hà Tây Tel 04 .5541221 Fax 04 .5540587 Website http . edu. vn E-mail dhtx@. vn NGÂN HÀNG ĐỀ THI Môn TIẾNG ANH 1 Dùng cho hệ ĐHTX của 3 ngành Số tín chỉ 5 1 I received this letter Friday afternoon a b c d on in within from 2 Many people watch TV programmes to. time a watch b kill c spend d pass 3 The TV programme I watched last night was. It was so slow that I turned it off a boring b interesting c exciting d funny 4 When the young woman saw the tiger coming toward her she was. a very frightened b very happy c vary unhappy d very sad 5 .time do you spend learning English everyday a How much b How many c How far d How long 6 It hours to do this exercise a b c d we ours our us 7 One of my favourite school subjects. English a b c d is have has are 8 you want to stay with your sister Twice a month 1 a much b long c far d often 9 I must have a drink I m so. a dirty b thirty c hungry d thirsty 10 What does she do . a She is a farmer b She work on a farm c She helps the farm d She lives in a farm 11 Ann is busy now. She. a is helping her mom b is help c going to help d helps her mom 12 My in the rain a likes b would like c don t like d - 13 .your parents like gardening a Would b Can c Do d Does 14 When you don t need a light switch it. a b c d off of on out 15 Mike spends most of his free time a does b doing c to do d do volunteer work 16 Are you good at. a b c d sings to sing singing sing 2 17 . they be here tomorrow a Do b Will c Shall d Are 18 My mother wants exam a pass b to pass c passes d passing 19 Please let a b c d comes coming come to co me 20 It takes him 15 minutes his garden a watering b waters c to water d water 21 the homework done yesterday a Does b Were c Was d Did 22 A new film on TV last night a showing b show c was shown d is shown 23 The students kept about the trip .