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The gift of the Magi by 2. Hope by John Galsworthy Hope is a short story written by John Galsworthy included in a book called “A commentary”. The | David runs all the way to Dover to find Miss Betsey Trotwood – his only relative when he has only three-half pence. Along the way, he sells most of the waistcoat, then the jacket he is wearing in order to buy food to survive. The shopkeepers who buy the clothes take advantage of him, and travelers abuse him on the road. Though selling clothes, he has no money for a lodging house; David has to sleep outside at night in loneliness near a haystack in a corner– a dark and silent space. The journey frightens him and leaves a deep impression in his mind. When he finally reaches Dover, he has trouble locating his aunt's house. Then he finally finds her house when he is in extremely bad condition: he has no money and has nothing left to dispose of; he is hungry, thirsty and worn out, which makes him ashamed. Miss Betsey is a tough, sharp woman, so David is afraid of telling her that he was her nephew. In spite of this, he still waits to introduce himself to, and make his first impression on his formidable aunt- Miss Betsey Trotwood. Finally, he decided to go softly in, stood besides her, touching her with his finger and introduced himself to her.