TAILIEUCHUNG - Professional ASP.NET 1.0 Special Edition- P23

Professional Special Edition- P23:Those of us who are Microsoft developers can't help but notice that .NET has received a fair amount of visibility over the last year or so. This is quite surprising considering that for most of this period, .NET has been in its early infancy and beta versions. I can't remember any unreleased product that has caused this much interest among developers. And that's really an important point, because ignoring all the hype and press, .NET really is a product for developers, providing a great foundation for building all types of applications | configuration The sessionState configuration setting supports six attributes we will show their use shortly mode - The mode setting supports four options Off InProc SQLServer and StateServer. The InProc option the default enables in-process state management. In-process state management is identical to the behavior of ASP Session. There are also two options for out-of-process state management a Windows NT Service StateServer and SQL Server SQLServer . stateConnectionString - Identifies the TCP IP address and port used to communicate with the Windows NT Service providing state management facilities. We must configure the stateConnectionString when mode is set to StateServer. stateNetworkTimeout - Controls the timeout in seconds allowed when attempting to store state in an out-of-process session store. sqlConnectionString - Identifies the database connection string that names the database used for mode SQLServer . This includes both the TCP IP address identified by data source as well as a username and password to connect to the SQL Server database. cookieless - Enables support for Session key management without requiring HTTP cookies. timeout - This option controls the life of a user s Session. timeout is a sliding value and on each request the timeout period is reset to the current time plus the timeout value. Next let s implement some of the common scenarios we ll encounter when building applications using Session state. Supporting Web Farms By default ships with Session state configured to store Session data in the same process as . This is identical to how ASP Session data is stored. The session web farm feature allows several front-end web servers to share a common storage point for Session data rather than each web server maintaining its own copy. This creates a scenario in which the client making the request can be serviced from any server within the server farm. This additionally allows an individual server s process to recycle and

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