TAILIEUCHUNG - Cracking the toefl ibt part 26

Tiếng anh không đơn giản chỉ là một ngôn ngữ nước ngoài mà nó còn là một đòi hỏi cho tất cả chúng ta khi đi làm hay du học tại nước ngoài. Văn phạm tiếng anh thường rất phong phú. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp ta bổ sung thêm vốn tiếng anh của mình. | Mm 00 59 32 34. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage Incorrect answer choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information. A Most moods and actions are not voluntary because they are actually produced by the production of hormones in the body. B Because the effects of hormones are difficult to measure scientists remain unsure how far-reaching their effects on moods and actions are. C When the body is not producing enough hormones urgent treatment may be necessary to avoid psychological damage. D The influence of many hormones is not easy to measure but they can affect both people s psychology and actions extensively. Hormone In the Body Up to the beginning of the twentieth century the nervous system was thought to control all communication within the body and the resulting integration of behavior. Scientists had determined that nerves ran essentially on electrical impulses. These impulses were thought to be the for thought emotion movement and internal processes such as digestion. However experiments by William Bayliss and Ernest Starling on the chemical secretin which is produced in the small intestine when food enters the stomach eventually challenged that view. From the small intestine secretin travels through the bloodstream to the pancreas. There it stimulates the release of digestive chemicals. In this fashion the intestinal cells that produce secretin ultimately regulate the production of different chemicals in a different organ the pancreas. Such a coordination of processes had been thought to require control by the nervous system Bayliss and Starling showed that it could occur through chemicals alone. This discovery spWnKi Starling to coin the term Iwmoneto refer to secretin taking it from the Greek word hormon meaning to excite or to set in motion. A hormone is a chemical produced by one tissue to make things happen elsewhere. As more hormones were .

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