TAILIEUCHUNG - Common erros in English part 11

Tài liệu này giúp chúng ta nhận ra tầm quan trọng của văn phạm tiếng anh khi nói và viết. Viết làm sao cho đúng, đọc làm sao cho chuẩn, nói làm sao cho lưu loát là vấn đề nan giải của tất cả những ai coi tiếng anh như ngôn ngữ thứ hai. Vì thế ta nên sử dụng tài liệu này để khắc phục những lỗi trong tiếng anh. | MORAL OR MORALE moral or morale Use these exemplar sentences as a guide Denise is guided by strong MORAL principles. My MORALE suffered badly when I failed my exams and I lost all faith in myself for years. Morocco mortgage not morgage as it is pronounced mosquito singular mosquitoes plural See PLURALS iv . motto singular mottoes or mottos plural See PLURALS iv . mould mouldy moustache mucous or mucus MUCOUS is an adjective as in MUCOUS membrane. The name of the thick secretion of the mucous membrane is MUCUS. murmur murmured murmuring not murmer- mustn t This is the contracted form of must not . Take care to place the apostrophe carefully. must of This is an incorrect construction. See could of. mute -e Also known as magic -e and silent -e. See ADDING ENDINGS ii . 140 MYTH mutual reciprocal Our dislike was MUTUAL. Their marriage is based on MUTUAL respect. Some would avoid the use of mutual in expressions such as our mutual friend because a third person is then introduced and the feelings of each person for the other two are not necessarily identical. It might be best here to describe the friend as one we have in common . myself See I ME MYSELF. myth See LEGEND OR MYTH . 141 N naive naïve Both forms are correct. naiveté naïveté naivety naïvety All these forms are correct. nationalise or naturalise to NATIONALISE to transfer ownership from the private sector to the state to NATURALISE to confer full citizenship on a foreigner nebula singular nebulae or nebulas plural See FOREIGN PLURALS. necessary necessity negatives See DOUBLE NEGATIVES. neighbour See EI IE SPELLING RULE. neither See EI IE SPELLING RULE. neither. .nor Compare . nephew -ness Take care when adding this suffix to a word already ending in -n. You will have double n cleanness openness suddenness .

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