TAILIEUCHUNG - Common erros in English part 10

Văn phạm tiếng anh phong phú và phức tạp hơn rất nhiều so với tiếng việt. Viết làm sao cho đúng, đọc làm sao cho chuẩn, nói làm sao cho lưu loát là vấn đề nan giải của tất cả những ai coi tiếng anh như ngôn ngữ thứ hai. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp ta quen với việc sử dụng văn phạm cho tốt và tự tin khi nói hay viết tiếng anh. | K keenness keen ness kerb See curb or kerb . kernel See COLONEL OR kernel . kibbutz singular kibbutzim plural See foreign plurals. kidnap kidnapped kidnapping kidnapper An exception to the 2-1-1 rule. See ADDING ENDINGS iv . kneel kneeled or knelt kneeling knew or new Use these exemplar sentences as a guide I KNEW the answer. Nanette has NEW shoes. knife singular knives plural See PLURALS v . know or no Use these exemplar sentences as a guide I KNOW the answer. NO they cannot come. We have NO milk left. knowledge knowledgeable knowledgable Both spellings are correct. 125 L laboratory singular laboratories plural See plurals Hi . labour laborious laid See adding endings in exception to rule . See LAY OR LIE . lain See LAY OR LIE . lama or llama LAMA a Buddhist priest LLAMA an animal of the camel family landscape not lanscape language not langage larva singular larvae plural See FOREIGN PLURALS. later or latter LATER is the comparative of late . late later latest I will see you LATER. You are LATER than I expected. LATTER is the opposite of former . Cats and dogs are wonderful pets but the LATTER need regular exercise. Note use latter to indicate the second of two references use last to indicate the final one of three or more. 126 LEAD OR LED lay or lie The various tenses of these verbs cause a great deal of unnecessary confusion. Use these exemplar sentences as a guide to lay I LAY the table early every morning. I AM LAYING the table now. I HAVE LAID it already. I WAS LAYING the table when you phoned. I LAID the table before I went to bed. My hen LAYS an egg every morning. She IS LAYING an egg now. She HAS LAID an egg already. She WAS LAYING an egg when you phoned. She LAID an egg every day last week. to lie down I LIE down every afternoon after lunch. I AM LYING down now. I HAVE LAIN down every afternoon this week. I WAS LYING down when you phoned. I LAY down yesterday afternoon. to lie tell a lie I LIE regularly. I AM LYING to you now. I HAVE LIED all my life. I .

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