TAILIEUCHUNG - Common erros in English part 8

Tiếng anh đối với các độc giả thuộc chuyên ngành thì rất đơn giản. Nhưng đối với những độc giả bắt đầu từng bước làm quen với tiếng anh thì rất là phức tạp và khó khăn. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp ta quen với việc sử dụng văn phạm cho tốt và tự tin khi nói hay viết tiếng anh. | FORTUNATELY forest not forrest foreword or forward Use these exemplar sentences as a guide The Poet Laureate had written a FOREWORD for the new anthology. I am looking FORWARD to the holiday. Will you please FORWARD this letter forfeit not -ie- exception to the rule See EI IE SPELLING RULE. forfend See FOREFEND FORFEND. forgather See FOREGATHER FORGATHER. forgo See FOREGO FORGO. formally or formerly FORMALLY in a formal manner FORMERLY previously at an earlier time formula singular There are two plurals. Use formulae in a scientific or mathematical context. Use formulas in all other cases. forrest Wrong spelling. See forest. forsake not fore- See FOR OR FORE . fortunately fortunate ly not -atly See ADDING ENDINGS ii . 95 FORTY forty not fourty forward See FOREWORD OR FORWARD . frantic frantically frantic ally not franticly freind Wrong spelling. See friend. frequent not -ant Use as an adjective stress on first syllable There were FREQUENT interruptions. Use as a verb stress on second syllable They FREQUENT the most terrible pubs. fresco singular frescoes or frescos plural friend not -ei- frieze not -ei- See EI IE SPELLING RULE. frighten frightened frightening not frightend frightning frolic frolicked frolicking frolicsome See soft c and soft g. fuchsia named after Leonhard Fuchs German botanist 96 FUSCHIA -fill When full is used as an ending to a word it is always spelt -ful beautiful careful wonderful hopeful etc. fulfil fulfilled fulfilling fulfilment See ADDING ENDINGS iv . full stops See end stops. See commas b . fungus singular fungi or funguses plural See FOREIGN PLURALS. further See FARTHER OR FURTHER . fuschia Wrong spelling. See fuchsia. .

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