TAILIEUCHUNG - Common erros in English part 6

Tài liệu này nhằm mục đích giải quyết những câu hỏi cơ bản về chính tả, dấu chấm câu, ngữ pháp và cách sử dụng từ đó các sinh viên và độc giả nói chung có khả năng phát triển vốn tiếng anh của mình. Đây là một tài liệu giúp ta nhận biết được những lỗi sai khi sử dụng tiếng anh. | DELAPIDATED deciet Wrong spelling. See deceit. decieve Wrong spelling. See deceive. decision décolletage not de- decrepit not -id defective or deficient DEFECTIVE means not working properly a DEFECTIVE machine . DEFICIENT means lacking something vital a diet DEFICIENT in vitamin C . defer deferred deferring deference See ADDING ENDINGS iv . deffinite Wrong spelling. See definite. deficient See defective or deficient . definate Wrong spelling. See definite. definite not -ff- not -ate definitely deisel Wrong spelling. See diesel. delapidated Wrong spelling. See dilapidated. 65 DELUSION delusion See ALLUSION DELUSION or illusion . denouement denouement Both spellings are correct. dependant or dependent The adjective meaning reliant is always -ent. She is a widow with five DEPENDENT children. I am absolutely DEPENDENT on a pension. The noun meaning someone who is dependent has traditionally been spelt -ant. However the American practice of writing either -ant or -ent for the noun has now spread here. Either spelling is now considered correct for the noun but be aware that some conservative readers would consider this slipshod. She has five DEPENDANTS DEPENDENTS. descent See DECENT OR DESCENT . describe not dis- description not -scrib- desease Wrong spelling. See disease. desert or dessert A DESERT is sandy. A DESSERT is a pudding. desiccated not dess- 66 DEVICE DEVISE desirable not desireable See ADDING ENDINGS ii . desperate not desparate The word is derived from spes Latin word for hope . This may help you to remember the e in the middle syllable. dessert See DESERT OR DESSERT . dessiccated Wrong spelling. See desiccated. destroy destroyed destroying not dis- See adding endings ü1 . detached not detatched deter deterred deterring See ADDING BINDINGS iv . deteriorate not deteriate as it is often mispronounced deterrent not -ant develop developed developing not -pp- development not developement device devise DEVICE is the noun. A padlock is an intriguing DEVICE. .